5 Investment Mantras from Lord Ganesha on this Ganesh Chaturthi

The persona of Lord Ganesha is not just about showering his divine grace on mortals. He is also an embodiment of learning and discipline, two absolutely essential requirements for a successful investor. What is it that investors in general can learn from the persona of Lord Ganesha? Five Investment Mantras from Lord Ganesha Lord Ganesha… Read More »

50 Golden Rules for Traders

50 Golden Rules for Traders 1. Follow the trends. This is probably some of the hardest advice for a trader to follow because the personality of the typical futures trader is not ‘one of the crowd.’ Futures traders (and futures brokers) are highly individualistic; the markets seem to attract those who are. Very simply, it… Read More »

Avinash Gorakshakar’s Value Pick

Avinash Gorakshakar’s Value Pick Avinash Gorakshakar of Joindre Capital Services has chosen the stock of the top class as a value pick and advised to buy it from the next 12 months perspective. He believes that in the next 12-15 months this stock can achieve the target of 140 rupees. Avinash Gorakskar said that the Nelcast… Read More »

SUPRAJIT ENGINEERING LTD | Fundamental Analysis | Recommended by Wise Money

CMP: 275.85          Target Price: 319.00          Upside:16% Reasons to Invest: Suprajit Engineering Limited is the largest automotive cable maker with a planned annual cable capacity of 225 million cables. Company’s customer list includes most Indian automotive majors. It also exports too many marquee global customers. The company uses… Read More »

What is Value Investing? Detailed study

Value Investing – An Exhaustive study WARNING: This is a really long post and meant for really serious beginners who actually want to succeed in the share market and are ready to put in the efforts that it really takes to succeed. Casual market participants or people who are reading this in anticipation of some… Read More »