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50 Golden Rules for Traders

50 Golden Rules for Traders 1. Follow the trends. This is probably some of the hardest advice for a trader to follow because the personality of the typical futures trader is not ‘one of the crowd.’ Futures traders (and futures brokers) are highly individualistic; the markets seem to attract those who are. Very simply, it… Read More »

Avinash Gorakshakar’s Value Pick

Avinash Gorakshakar’s Value Pick Avinash Gorakshakar of Joindre Capital Services has chosen the stock of the top class as a value pick and advised to buy it from the next 12 months perspective. He believes that in the next 12-15 months this stock can achieve the target of 140 rupees. Avinash Gorakskar said that the Nelcast… Read More »

SUPRAJIT ENGINEERING LTD | Fundamental Analysis | Recommended by Wise Money

CMP: 275.85          Target Price: 319.00          Upside:16% Reasons to Invest: Suprajit Engineering Limited is the largest automotive cable maker with a planned annual cable capacity of 225 million cables. Company’s customer list includes most Indian automotive majors. It also exports too many marquee global customers. The company uses… Read More »