About Us


Our Approach

Before starting Multibaggers Point YouTube channel, I found that many YouTubers uses that platform as an advertisement tool. They publish some of their recommendations and asks viewers to contact them and pay them for extra services. And there is no any channel which gives you the true picture of what brokerage houses buying or selling for that particular month, what they are recommending for Diwali, new year or for any other occasions, some ace investor’s portfolio, some of the top market expert’s stock picks. So, We made this channel to help you. This channel will be One Stop Shop for all your needs regarding the stock market.

Our Story

We have started YouTube channel on 8th October 2017 to fine-tune your investment decision. From that day, we are publishing at least a video in a day. Days passed, channel developed with a huge fan following. So, I decided to start a blog. In the blog, we can describe it in more detail. In the video, it is not possible otherwise the video will be boring. Here you will find blogs on a weekly basis. Blogs will be on recommendations by big brokerage houses, Fundamental analysis, Technical analysis, New theories in the stock market, Portfolio rules, Stock market gossips, Hidden Gem stocks, Value Pick stocks, Some Top investors holding, latest news, buzz, Mutual funds picks, etc.


Next Steps…

To Start Online Webinar for newbie investors. Fundamental analysis and technical analysis courses will be started by us in near future. Till then follow us on YouTube. Hit this link.

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