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5 Investment Mantras from Lord Ganesha on this Ganesh Chaturthi

The persona of Lord Ganesha is not just about showering his divine grace on mortals. He is also an embodiment of learning and discipline, two absolutely essential requirements for a successful investor. What is it that investors in general can learn from the persona of Lord Ganesha? Five Investment Mantras from Lord Ganesha Lord Ganesha… Read More »

50 Golden Rules for Traders

50 Golden Rules for Traders 1. Follow the trends. This is probably some of the hardest advice for a trader to follow because the personality of the typical futures trader is not ‘one of the crowd.’ Futures traders (and futures brokers) are highly individualistic; the markets seem to attract those who are. Very simply, it… Read More »

What is Value Investing? Detailed study

Value Investing – An Exhaustive study WARNING: This is a really long post and meant for really serious beginners who actually want to succeed in the share market and are ready to put in the efforts that it really takes to succeed. Casual market participants or people who are reading this in anticipation of some… Read More »

Mutual Fund Investors will Receive Modified Capital Gains Statement from CAMS

Computer Age Management Services Pvt Ltd (CAMS) is in the process of modifying its investment performance reports to incorporate the new long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax on equity oriented mutual fund schemes introduced in the Union Budget 2018. “We are consulting with individual asset management companies (AMCs) to make available the actual valuations of schemes in an investor’s portfolio as on 31 January 2018. It is under development. The modified statement of accounts will… Read More »

Book Review : Coffee Can Portfolio – Investing

Saurabh Mukherjea is back with another book called Coffee Can Investing. But first, what is Coffee Can Portfolio? In a paper in 1984, Robert Kirby of Kirby Capital had described an event involving his client’s husband who had bought stocks advised by Robert Kirby at $5,000 each. He did not ever sell anything from it. In addition, he put the certificates in… Read More »

Book Review : Brightest Investment Minds

Authored by Anuj Shah, “Brightest Investment Minds” is an interesting compilation of the investment journals of India’s most respectable “Investment Gurus”. Warren Buffett, the all-time investment genius, has not yet written a single book on Investing. All his ideas comes down to us through Berkshire Hathaway’s annual letters or through others. What will we have as an ordinary… Read More »

Investment Process on Track in a New Financial Year

Investment is a process that demands planning and perseverance. So that, it is important that we follow a goal-based investment approach. That involves allocating money to different asset classes based on time horizon and risk profile. As well as choosing the right investment options that provide the best from these asset classes. Unfortunately, many of… Read More »


THE TALE OF OPEN INTEREST   As the name says, Open Interest (OI) is the INTEREST that is OPEN not closed. So, What is INTEREST? INTEREST is the POSITIONS of Future TRADERS. And What is the OPEN? The OPEN means OUTSTANDING. So, The OPEN INTEREST means POSITIONS of TRADERS which are OUTSTANDING and not yet… Read More »


Values of most of the stocks GIVEN via SMS tips have actually fallen Just now Your phone beeps. It is an Whatsapp message or SMS from a unknown number or stock broker. Top funds and financial institutions are buying shares of an XYZ co. The stock has risen dramatically from ₹3-4 levels to touch ₹13… Read More »

The Sinking Boat & You!

*_The Sinking Boat_*   In a sinking boat, the boat man becomes your Guru and you obey him instruction by instruction because of immediate threat to life.       On the other hand you love to argue, educate and teach your Financial Advisor about his job because threat to life is not immediate.   … Read More »