Investing with emotions is like mixing alcohol with driving!

By | 18th February 2018


A Bull Market is that phase which usually allows edit, erase and repair investing mistakes without a damage, while in a Bear Market such a privilege is very rare. Make sure you don’t drop diamonds while picking up pennies.


To trade diligently does not imply to close one bad trade and immediately re-entering a fresh without being ‘informed’. Never buck the trend until it bends.


Healthy corrections marked with volatility is the market’s way of segregating the weaker hands, who are responsible nothing more than pumping volume into the system.


Had there been no volatility, financial markets would not have been so fascinating. Good news is, they always rebound in course of time to scale new highs.


Investing with emotions is like mixing alcohol with driving while trading without stops is like driving without brakes. Eliminate two sure ways that lead to an accident on the bourses & be safe. Scratches can’t be avoided, anyway.


Corrections are healthy only if you acted at the right time and have enough ammo to grab the stocks lower.


A peculiar phenomenon that keeps reoccurring on the bourses is that the greed is often times followed by fear and failure on the part of investors to curb their emotions and getting tempted to unreasonably big spikes.


Be wary of the belief that sees only one outcome, the market can be an expensive place to explore who you are. As a trader, our utmost duty is to protect the initial capital.


If you can’t explain it to yourself then probably you are not prepared to tame the bourses as yet. Be Informed before striking!


While markets are showing the signs of distribution, it’s wise not to get overstretched. Set limits, stay focused and use your cash wisely.


Never be an impulsive investor who’s always in a hurry, waiting for the action to happen and listening more to a hunch or intuition rather than being diligent and informed. Big money can be made through wise investing and lots of patience.


Cycling and trading both have one thing in common, once you master it’s difficult to fall. Be Informed!


An investor is a deciding factor who risks his capital to determine on the bourses, the premium to be fetched by the economic policies.


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